Meet the Owners

lan McGowan and Laura Tartaro-McGowan are the Dynamic Mother and Son Duo; owners of Pet Wants Falls Church. We are Arlington residents with a passion for pets! Our story begins with our first rescue, Wally. One dog quickly became two with the addition of Billy and two became five when we rescued 80, Little Trooper, and Rizzo.

Our once quiet households now echo with barks, rampant zoomies, and lots of love. Such a large portion of our lives are dedicated to the furry members of our family, and we wanted to make sure they had the best lives possible.Pet Wants became that answer. We discovered Pet Wants at a farmers' market.

While there we learned how we could use high valued and nutritional treats to tame what is now collectively called "The Squad".

Instantly we were fans. The responses we received from our pets inspired Us.

Good health starts with good nutrition and understanding the pets' unique needs.

We are excited to meet other pet families and help them find the best nutritional solutions for their furry family members.

Welcome to our family, Pet Wants Falls Church. Here at Pet Wants Falls Church "We Always Put Your Pet First!"

Our Inspiration

Very simply, you and your pets inspire us to innovate.

Pet Wants was founded on the belief that mainstream, big-box store pet food wasn’t synonymous with nutrition or quality. So, we created a better option. Second to your veterinarian, our goal is to be your trusted resource in pet care. From food and treats to skin relief, we earn that trust through transparency of ingredients and sourcing, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a sincere passion to be the best and provide the best for you and your pet.